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"Hoi" and Hello from the Morandell Family

You will surely get to know our family during your stay at the Hasslhof. You can meet us at home every day and our greatest concern will be to make your holiday as beautiful and unforgettable as possible, with many surprises, activities but also with a lot of relaxation.

Mrs. Morandell Marlene:

She is the senior manager of the house. You can meet her at the breakfast buffet or in the garden. Our plants are lovingly loved and cared for by her. Here she is completely in its element. If you need any flower suggestions, don't hesitate to ask! Shew is also always available for a great excursion or excursion tip in general.

Mr. Morandell Adolf:

He is the senior manager of the house. Although he is fully familiar with his structure, you will rarely see him at home, as his motto is: "The morning has gold in your mouth". Most of the time you will find it hanging around in the surrounding apple orchards and vineyards. He makes sure our apples grow and thrive so he can offer you some in the lobby every day. Obviously the grapes should not be neglected. In fact, he works our vineyard on site very carefully so that only the best grapes are harvested in autumn. Thanks to him we can serve you our excellent house wine.

Mr. Anton Morandell:

He is the manager and owner of the Hotel Hasslhof. He is affectionately known by us and our team as "the man of everything", as he is always present in the hotel. He constantly moves from department to department, making sure everything is running smoothly. Sometimes you will find it at the reception, other times in the dining room, in the kitchen, in the pool…. Wherever His help is needed, He is always available and present for everyone. His passion for wines leads him to constantly create and vary our wine list, along with his advice. Inside you will find ONLY quality wines that he trust and know their history perfectly. For any information, do not hesitate to stop him and ask him for help.

Mrs. Michaela Morandell:

She is the manager's wife and his trusted advisor. Available and attentive, you will find her at the reception every day ready to help anyone who needs it. If not present, she is definitely with the children somewhere in the hotel. So always keep your eyes peeled! For any questions about events, excursions, climbing, bike tours and much more, Michaela will always be able to advise you on the best solution. All you have to do will be to pass in front of the reception, she will take care of the rest.

Julian, Marie and Martin:

They are the future generations of the Morandell family. They grow up right here in this beautiful house and enjoy the great atmosphere of our dear guests.

Our history

Centuries of history, years to best accommodate


The Hasslhof was built as a cattle and wine farm. In the middle of the 18th century the farm passed to the Drescher family from Caldaro.
The Hasslhof has been owned by the Morandell family since 1887. This property is one of the first houses in Caldaro to start renting rooms to guests.
Beloved grandmother Antonia Morandell ran the Guesthouse until the 1970s.
After that it was the turn of Hubert Morandell, Antonia's eldest son, to continue running the farm and the Guesthouse.


The Hasslhof Guesthouse has been handed over to Anton Morandell and his wife Michaela.
Both dreamers, they decide to take an important step to better develop the family business.
Thus began countless restoration, expansion and creation of the hotel.


The 4-star Hotel Hasslhof was born - staying in the vineyard.


A section of the Guesthouse was completely restored, where two new rooms will be created that will bring prestige to this historic structure:
the double room "Vernatsch" and the "Suite Lagrein".
Furthermore, in addition to the complete restoration of the cellar where typical wines of the area can be tasted, the new "Hassl-Wine-Bar"
with lounge and fireplace corner is created.


The new bathing area with a park on the roof of the hotel is built.
Our customers will enjoy an outdoor infinity pool, whirlpool, children's pool, panoramic sauna, Turkish bath and relaxation room.